Impact is a current favourite buzzword. Everyone is talking about it. From board members, to funders to journalists, everyone wants to know your impact. It’s still new enough to be daunting. It can feel like another time-consuming thing to fit into already stressful days.

Really, impact is simply about knowing what difference you make.

But how do you measure something unquantifiable? How can you talk to funders about the difference you make when it might be all about things you prevented from happening? How do you know what to measure and what questions to ask? Who are you reaching, and how do you know? How can you be specific when your entire remit is to appeal to as many people as possible?

You have a dream. You have a vision. You have the will. In spite all these things and the best intentions, you spend too much time chasing funding, you’re fire fighting, treading water, and you never quite manage to carve the time out to grow, develop, build that dream. You’re proud of what you do and what you have achieved, but you know it could be more.

Impact consultancy addresses these questions and more, to help you make sure that you and your organisation achieve what you set out to achieve and that you can prove you are doing it.